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Security Consulting

Helping you protect
your people, assets, reputation and value

·        Security and Workplace Violence Assessments and Surveys How Much Security is Enough?  How much do you need?

·         Does your Security, Loss Prevention and/or Workplace Violence Prevention and Response Program address your true Threats, Risks and Vulnerabilities?  Does it fit your unique Culture, Values, Budgets and History?

·         Are you spending more on Security than you need to?  Is your Security Program a random blend of varying components deployed over time in response to incidents and issues?

·         Where to begin?  How do you Measure and Evaluate your Security, Loss Prevention or Workplace Violence Prevention and Response Program?

·         A Comprehensive Security Vulnerability Assessment or Security Survey is the ideal First Step and can be a Powerful Countermeasure and Deterrent in itself

·         Many firms and organizations have realized that it is timely and worthwhile to periodically perform security surveys,  risk assessments, and/or security vulnerability assessments of their entire organization or a particular facility, department or process.   A security assessment or survey, if performed in an objective, collaborative, comprehensive and professional manner, can:

·         determine if your security program properly and cost effectively addresses your real risks and threats

·         increase awareness and appreciation of security and loss prevention by all

·         establish a baseline and prioritized perspective on where you stand, and plan for where you should be

·         elicit involvement, understanding and support of other departments and staff

·         mitigate security-related liabilities

·         assure that the security program is reasonably defensible in court

·         often reduce security-related expenditures while maintaining or even increasing levels of protection, and

·         assure that every dollar you spend on security serves your objectives and needs

SCS is your best choice because:

  • All work is performed by a senior, experienced security professional.  It's not delegated or assigned off to others.

  • We always take a proactive approach to the cost effective protection of people, assets, value and reputation.

  • We have extensive experience in planning security for manufacturers, hospitals, schools, chemical facilities, libraries, office buildings, etc.

  • We never recommend more security than is appropriate or necessary.  We have often found, for example, that the better use and enforcement of existing resources and processes and the fostering of positive security awareness by employees can significantly heighten protection with little extra cost.

  • We are not purely physical or engineering experts focused principally upon hardware or guards.

  • We provide security and workplace violence consulting services and are independent of any suppliers of security products or staffing.  Our only perspective, priority and interest is what is best for you, our client.

  • We are located in Saudi Arabia and can easily travel anywhere in the GCC to serve our clients.  Through our partners who are located in USA, we serve our clients all over North America and Europe.

  • We adhere to the ethics guidelines of the International Association of Professional Security Consultants (IAPSC) and ASIS International

What Can SCS do for you:

Remote Monitoring
Monitor single to multiple global sites with access to live and recorded video with the ability to download and archive video and till transaction / sales data. Group sites by stores, region, country and monitor over 800 cameras from a central station or remote computer. Live alarm alerts and suspicious transaction alarms can also be sent to remote devices such as PC's or mobile phone and PDAs.

Till Terminal Video & Data Capture - detect cash fraud
CCTV cameras can capture activity at tills and record the transaction with the event. Our terminal can take all till transaction data and superimpose them over the camera image allowing you to reconcile items purchased with transaction data. This allows you to compare the amount and cash handled in relation to a purchase. You can also set rules to create alerts. For example, you can see that the customer presents a product at the till and monitor if the correct cash is given by the customer and right amount of change given back. Further features include ability to set rules for refunds. For example, you may set the system to create an alert if a refund over a certain amount is issued. All transaction data is logged in a database and allows you to view video from any transaction e.g. you see a high refund or transaction amount in the list, you can click on that transaction to instantly display video of that event. Other benefits include instant reconciliation of takings from single or multiple stores, even from a remote location.

Missing Object Alert
The Missing Object Alert feature creates an alarm when a product or item is removed and not placed back within a pre-defined period of time. For example, an item is removed and not put back within 10 seconds, an alarm is generated and an appropriate person or guard can be alerted. This function is great to monitor theft of display items or high value objects.

Video Motion Detection
Motion Detection utility can alert staff or a remote person of suspicious activity. For example, cameras overlooking high value goods can create an alarm when activity takes place in that area (or shelf, rack etc.). This makes staff and guards more aware of activities taking place in the store and staff will be able to learn which behaviors leads to theft.

Facial Recognition
Facial Recognition presents the ability to monitor a person's face. For example, a person visits a store and staff becomes suspicious of that person or that person is suspected of theft and displays suspicious behavior. The CCTV operator can then capture the face of that person and track them through the store or search for video with that persons face in it. This feature saves lots of time when investigating incidents that involve people or for tracking down particular people within recorded video. An additional benefit is to create alerts when known thieves or banned people visit the store. This is especially useful in combating organized crime and allows you to share or receive this information with other stores.

People and Object Counting
Counting moving objects can be a great tool for collecting statistical data. For example, the object counter can provide an instant snapshot of how many people have entered or left a store, great for visitor statistics or instantly evaluating if persons still occupy an area. It can count cars for car parks or busy roads providing vital traffic statistics.

Object Index, Event Reporting and Alerts
The object index search utility offers the ability to instantly search video and data. Instantly display video related to a missing object, motion alert, a persons face, a suspicious transaction or other events relating to external alarms, changes on the system and more. The ease of use and speed of search is a welcome feature with our customers and dramatically increases productivity.

Tools For Marketing, measuring visitor interest and dwell times
CCTV Loss Prevention systems can also provide vital marketing data and reporting. Advanced features can be used to measure number of store visitors, measure most popular products, number of views of promotions and even customer dwell times. The marketing team can gain access to powerful research tools to help make the most of store layout, promotions and sales strategies.

Tools For Operational anagment

Operation teams can review video to ensure successful application of training and identify areas of interest that can be improved to increase efficiency.