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Quality is determined not only by technical capacity,
but also by cultural appropriateness and dynamic interactions.
This has always been the case and will remain so in the future. From the promotion of new technologies to the realization of innovative business ideas and the implementation of promising corporate strategies we take pride in achieving the quality. The investment course of action considers the services context which actively involves clients and suppliers in identifying problems as well as solutions in delivering quality service. (SCS) has selected alliance partners worldwide, who are the best solutions and services providing companies in the world. Our aim is to continue to develop industry and technology-leading solutions with our alliances to provide value added solutions and services to our clients. (SCS) partners with you, enhancing your business competitiveness by opining the doors for your business to enter the GCC markets and improve the performance of your company by highlighting the road and remove any obstacle that you might come across in any GCC country we offer you the latest available business solutions in terms of Finance and Investments. Leveraging our global resources and facilities, we help our customers to manage their business-critical operations. We are closely associated with strategic finance houses across the Middle East & the globe, which keeps us on forefront of the investment and financial consultancy services in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

"Our strength is Our Team",who has professional experience from different verticals around the globe. We make sure that experienced senior members of our team are active in the project on a day to-day basis. This makes us pioneer in providing investment consulting and business management services to all segments of our industry.

Our approach:
The world of business is changing fast and Saudi business is no exception. There are new economic policies; tariffs and other barriers are breaking down, new markets are opening up and all Saudi businesses face increasing competition from around the globe.

Saudi Consultancy Services is a licensed Saudi consultancy firm dedicated to driv up your company's performance and profitability and ensuring that your company is equipped to meet the challenges of global business change. Our consultants offer your company an intimate understanding of Saudi & GCC markets and practical experience gained from working in some of the Kingdom's largest corporations.

Moreover, we have links with leading international business consultancies that give you access to the latest western management skills and techniques. Saudi Consultancy Services brings all the necessary expertise together to build more profitable, secure and successful businesses.

Our added value approach delivers:

  • the skills and expertise of leading international consulting companies
  • the benefits of teamwork and partnership
  • access to the latest information and business transaction technologies
  • a commitment to achieving measurable results
  •  a clear understanding of Saudi consumer and business culture coupled with global expertise.

Saudi Consultancy Services (SCS) adopt the highest level of values to guide the development of an integrated investment services for GCC region

Sustainability of the organization:

  • Providing capital and optimizing the utilization of financial and other resources to Execute (SCS) vision.
  • Developing and optimizing the organizational structure and (SCS) brand.
  • Working with international associations, in the value adding chain to provide a legal framework, under the (SAUDI LAW), for the protection of its employees, partners and owners.



Investing in quality:  

ü      Providing information that is accurate, complete and timely

ü      Applying continuous quality improvement of products and services

ü      Ensuring available and accessible information for time critical decisions

 Teamwork :
Collaboration, Cooperation, Commitment 

ü      Establishing and promoting information sharing partnerships among practitioners of IT, finance, investments, and business community (and with others who require close coordination with this community) to effectively serve the needs of the public.

ü      Enabling within itself, branches and affiliates the maintenance of safe, healthy and friendly work environment.

ü      Investing in human capital and training for all employees.

ü      Protecting the confidentiality/privacy of individuals while maintaining information security and ensuring appropriate access.

ü      Marketing activities which are human ethics oriented, truthful, reasonable and aligned with our mission, vision and values. 


ü      Promoting and embracing innovative solutions.

ü      Promoting the Islamic finance concept to the public.

ü      Adapting to and exploiting the rapid advances in information technology.

ü      Developing Continuous realignment to the real needs of the customers.

ü      Anticipating and participating in change. 

Goal and Action Orientation:  

ü      Setting achievable goals and objectives.

ü      Adopting a bias for action.

ü      Taking the leadership initiative.

ü      Solving problems and moving forward 


ü      Being accountable to the people of the MENA region.

ü      Conducting our business in a fiscally responsible manner.

ü      Employing performance measurement and feedback.

ü      Providing services that build public trust.