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IT Consulting

IT Technology Consulting

  Saudi Consultancy Serveices will help your company to solve the complexity of your company information services. IT  complexity mustn’t block business demands on IT flexibility. That’s why the job of SCS analyst as a mediator between business and IT is for fulfilling all these aims necessity. Crucial point in creation of information systems is the specification of demands on the final software/ Success of our services in the IT analysis is built on proactive approach during the identification of needs of our customers, ability to orientate fast in the problematic and to see all the contexts. Using the standard methods and tools we create consistent and clear specifications of information services regarding to the business needs and realization teams.

 We are concerned about the matter in question

The purpose of our work is not to supply software. We wish to bring the customer a solution which would really help him/her. We are known for our interest in the customer’s needs. We bring projects to their successful end. We keep our promises and feel bound by the given word. We do our work so that we could be proud of it.

 Amount of our successful projects is the proof, that well done analysis can lower the development and the application testing cost, but the cost of maintaining and other development of the information system also.

Good analysis documentation of information system is necessary for later possibility to fast and cheaply adapt to new demands of the owner. Outputs of analysis are the basics for later management of the changes in development.

Our analysts want to give their customers more than they are awaiting everytime: more empathy, understanding to their problems and aiming not only on the given demands but mainly on the result income from the final solution.

 Range of services

 Consultation in the IT field

Preparation and realization of the selection procedure

Design of company architecture

Revision of analysis outputs and professional supervision on projects

Defining the basics for creation of information systems

Analysis of the present IT state

Creation of the initial studies

Analysis of the effect of changes on IT

Development of custom/made software

Analysis and modeling of business processes

Management of catalog of demands and changes supervision

Modeling and documentation of information systems

Design of information systems and their architecture

Outsourcing of whole teams of analysts and architects