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Business Opportunities in GCC

  Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC)

The success of any new venture is based on accurate information about the marketplace, the opportunities available, and the companies it will be working with. SCS GCC guides its clients through the phases of assessing the market, all the way to establishing a full-fledged presence in the Region. We locate projects and opportunities in the GCC, and advice on the best way to approach these opportunities.

Finding the right strategic partners for long term relationships is also vital. SCS GCC can assist with screening and short-listing potential partners for our clients, maximizing the chances of developing successful and long-term relationship. It is vital to understand the cultural aspect of negotiations in the Region, and we advise our clients on the necessary strategies to make it a win-win situation.

When the time comes for a company to establish their own presence in the Region, the GCC Business Centre can assist with the set-up and formalities, ensuring that everything is done in accordance with the latest rules and regulations.

Right advice at the right time is the key to any successful venture, especially if you are an entrepreneur. The What; Where; When and How of an industrial venture are no longer in the realm of the crystal ball.

Welcome to SCS GCC Consultants, the premier industrial consultancy organization with the right advice for all entrepreneurs wishing to enter GCC  as their arena for success.

With its dedicated team of professionals, SCS GCC offers you:

  • Project opportunities identification
  • Preparation of project reports
  • Market surveys
  • Appraisal Reports
  • Valuation Reports
  • Technology transfer services
  • Management services
  • Revival & modernization
  • Exports

and much more... everything you'll ever need in your successful journey in the world of industrial enterprise.


 Saudi Arabia   UAE (Dubia)
Qatar     Oman     Kuwait

SCS will find the right partner for you in GCC & MENA: 
 Manufacturing & Business Services in GCC:
Why Do you NEED SCS?
SCS services will help Your Company to Start Business By:
(a)          Work with your company to implement the strategy related to obtain the Approvals, and to promote the Project within the GCC Government agencies and private sectors.
         Be the focal point for the documentation required by the government entities and will be responsible for coordinating its integration.
(c)          Arrange meetings in Saudi Arabia to determine local and Saudi Government reception for your Project.
 Develop presentation material relating to the Project & start discussions with business, financing, and government bodies relating to the Project.
Help your company to prepare answers to specific questions related to the Project that may be required by government entities from time to time.
           Work with your company to
develop the conceptual pre-feasibility study to determine the preliminary economic viability of the Project and to set the initial scope of Project, location, preliminary capital and operating costs, etc.
          Work with your company to
determine the feasibility of structuring the Project into separate power generation components (if huge power is needed); obtaining preliminary government approval, identifying possible sites; approaching financial institution(s) for potential participation; structuring the Joint Development Agreement and other activities necessary to determine the requirements, strategy, structure, and process for establishing the Project and obtaining government approvals.
          Work with your company (if needed)
to finalize the governmental approvals necessary for crude oil contract, approvals of the Project plans and financing terms.
SCS will continue to act as the overall coordinator for pursuing Saudi Arabian governmental approvals necessary for crude oil contract.
           SCS will continue to be the in country developmental coordinator to provide market, cost, industry knowledge, and other required information to complete the feasibility study and applications and will assist your company in various applications.

Our wealth of expertise: 

 Our wealth of expertise having worked with the world's leading organizations, our appreciation of how to meet the people and organizational demands of the future, combined with your best appreciation of your business challenges together create powerful synergies for you towards getting the best out of your human capital / human resources /human investment. Having worked with leaders of major companies in aerospace, automotive, aviation, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, computing, fast moving consumer goods, financial services, health care, media, entertainment, manufacturing of steel aluminum smelters, plastic manufacturing, private equity, retail, telecommunications, transportation and utilities, we know your unique needs to ensure you are making a solid investments in immediate, sustainable and scalable results.

    With our long international professional consultation capability we recognize your needs as an organization. We believe that the best people and organizations never stand still and chant, "If it isn't broke, don't fix it". We believe the best strive to continuously improve. And that is what we are all about - Continuous Improving.